Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on South Korean Hostages

The South Korean hostage story was also the top news story on tonight's 700 Club. Key point to the story according to the viewpoint of CBN: the hostages are evangelical missionaries.

Pat Robertson comments:

The fact that there is nothing from there White House--there should be a major announcement. Here's Brown, and uh, talks with the President. Why don't they make a joint statement, that this is outrageous, and demand the release of these hostages. Of course the Taliban can do whatever it feels like doing, but I think they should be wiped of the face of this earth...But ladies and gentleman the prayers of God's people will prevail.

Interesting statement on many levels. First, you could hear the frustration in Robertson's voice that the Chosen President of the Christian Right was not taking extraordinary measures to save fellow Christians (who cares how many Muslims die in the mean time). And why should the he? To break with a 20 year policy of not negotiating with terrorists seems to be against the President's policy of 'staying the course'.

It's also fitting to see that Robertson wants the Taliban wiped off the face of the earth, since that is exactly how the Taliban feels about Robertson. So much for loving thy neighbor.

I do agree with Robertson on one point: the Taliban can do whatever it wants in Afghanistan since the US is sitting on a failing policy in Afghanistan where the Taliban is resurgent, reconstruction is lagging, and opium growth is at an all time high.

My favorite part comes later in the show when the 700 Club airs a segment on how Islamic terrorists are using the media to create propaganda for their theocratic cause. Money quote from their 'expert' Richard Miniter: "they want all of us, even those of us who are not Muslim, to follow their laws."

Did Robertson forget to remind his guest the mission statement of Robertson's own Christian Coalition?

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Jodi said...

I do not understand why the Pentagon doesn't make a military move against the poppy fields. I think the military should set them all ablaze and that would solve that problem.