Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another tale of Christianist hypocrisy

Former NC state legislator Coy C. Privette, a Cabarrus County commissioner and retired Baptist minister, was charged with aiding and abetting prostitution last Thursday.

Coy Privette is currently the President of the Christian Action League, which represents conservative evangelicals from 15 Christian denominations in NC. From the Christian Action League's website:

We discourage the promotion and use of beverage alcohol and other drugs, pornography, sexual immorality and other sinful practices that not only undermine the spiritual lives of those who participate in them, but also undermine the strength of our State and National character.

One of our most important tasks is training, developing, and motivating Christians to be involved in the political process. We want to mobilize Christians to be as Jesus commanded them to be -- the salt and light of the earth. Christians are to arrests and expose such contemporary issues as abortion, gambling, suicide, sex education, homosexuality, and we provide the information and help needed to deal with these critical issues.

Why can't the Christianists work on achieving their view of morality themselves, before they start trying to impose it on the rest of us?

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the tip.

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