Monday, July 23, 2007

Sullivan on the Democrats' gay responses

Andrew Sullivan provides a nice brief response to the Democratic candidates' responses to the gay questions at the Youtube debate:

It still frustrates. They still won't actually answer the simple question: Why do you oppose equal marriage rights? I'm sorry but I'm not interested in John Edwards' "personal journey". In fact, I'm extremely uninterested. I want to know what his argument is. He disavows the religious rationale but offers no other. If it's the "ick" factor, let us know. If you can't justify that, then live up to your own convictions. Obama was just as evasive. Richardson came closest in talking about what's "achievable." But what does that mean? The answer is: they're too afraid to say what they believe. They still smell of fear. As long as candidates are too afraid to stand up for what they believe, why should anyone support them? We're not electing a focus-group or a consultant. We're supposed to be electing a president.
I concur.

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