Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dropped call from Obama

I was quite enthusiastic to learn about a new series of ringtones offered by the Obama '08 campaign. Forget the iPhone, I was totally ready to awe all I met through catchy beats such as ‘2002 Speech Remix.’ And of course, nothing says true politico like having your cell phone ring off mawkish platitudes about "change" to the beat of hip hop during your 9am intro to american gov class.

But alas, it all seems to be a communications malfunction at best, or a dirty campaign trick at worse.

Upon signing up for an Obama ringtone (the ‘2004 DNC Speech Rock’ tone to be precise), I learned that there were no free ringtones involved, just a ploy to keep track of and pester unassuming youth like myself. I was told via text that I would be contacted 'periodically' by the Obama campaign, but there was never any information provided, even upon request (also via text) about where I could get my Obama jams.

If we can’t even trust Obama to deliver a ringtone, how can we honestly expect him to deliver universal healthcare?

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