Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The House acknowledges gay hate crimes victims

Yesturday, the House of Representatives passed H.RES. 535, Commending David Ray Ritcheson, a survivor of one of the most horrific hate crimes in the history of Texas.

The text of the resolution reads:

No human being deserves to be tortured and victimized like David Ray Ritcheson simply because he is of a different background, race, religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.

I think it is significant that the House mentions sexual orientation, because unlike any of the other groups, it is the only one that is not protected by federal hate crimes legislation. One of the religious right's biggest complaint about the recent legislation that died in the Senate, was that it would codify 'immoral lifestyles' into US law. This resolution, though non-binding, shows that gays are slowly being recognized by our lawmakers.

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