Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pride Parade Sets Back Gay Rights

When will gays learn that they are only hurting their cause for mainstream acceptance by participating in lewd Gay Pride parades, in which they themselves conform to all of the most negative stereotypes about them?

What's worse, when you force other people to attend, like four San Diego firefighters who are now suing the San Diego Fire Department for sexual harassment.

I think the fire fighters are being a little mellow dramatic (maybe something they picked up from the drag queens) when they say, "I've dealt with finding bodies in burning buildings, traffic accidents with kids, but I've never been so stressed out before until this incident," nonetheless no one should be forced to attend any function against their will.

In forcing these men to attend the Pride Parade, the San Diego Fire Department has only surrendered another PR coup to the Christian Right who are now running pieces like this.

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JsinGood said...

I'd agree completely that the firefighters are exaggerating the EFFECTS of the parade upon themselves, possibly for monetary gain - which should not be the taxpayers' responsibility.

That said, I'm sure they felt uncomfortable and it is outrageous that they were forced to participate is such an event, on display, without their consent - much less on the taxpayer dollar.

I also agree that behavior like this, at what is supposed to be a community bridging event (rather than just a party event), do enforce negative stereotypes. As does lesbian fire chiefs who demand preferential treatment for their own "kind."