Sunday, August 5, 2007

Blame Gays First

The Christian Post ran a story on America's Pro-Gay Culture and Its Effects on Iraqi Christians. Apparently, the acceptance of gays in the US is creating great hardship for Iraqi Christians.

I love how the religious right blames gays for the plight of the Iraqis without even mentioning that most Iraqis live in fear of getting blown up by Islamic terrorists and insurgents everyday, and don't even have reliable sources of energy, food, water, and medicine--all because of the US's unnecessary and disastrously executed war.

Blaming gays first isn't really new, unfortunately. The religious right loves to blame gays for the destruction the "American family" without even considering how straights have done a fine job ruining marriage themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I mean, let's be serious. We know why the right-wing thinks gays are so dangerous.

They killed Jesus.

It's in the Gospels. I swear.